Tuesday, June 25

UFO exist. But if there are, the United Kingdom ceased to look for them.

UFO exist

 After 60 years of fruitless investigations, it was decided to close the Ministry of Defense Ufo desk, a special unit of the Ministry of Defence to study UFO. Do not think that this is a Megastructure like GCHQ, the British Secret e-service, similar to the American NSA, about spies, which, as we now know thanks to the "mole" who fled to Hong Kong, following all our phone calls, e-mail, sites that we visit in the name of fighting terrorism, our security or, who knows, with any other goals. No. abolished unit consisted of two people: a junior officer and non-commissioned officer. That they had to learn all the signals about Martians, flying saucers, various aliens who were followed subjects of Her Majesty.

And as for more than half a century, and did not appear credible evidence of either green men with antennae on the head, or of extraterrestrial civilizations, in other words, of no one and nothing, the Ministry of Defence has decided to entrust the space inspectors another, more useful work.

Realizing that is not enough to close the unit, to convince the world that UFOs do not exist, the Department of Defense issued a statement: "We are not saying that they are not. We say that we have not found any hostile presence from other planets." And do not even hostile. In other words, waiting for the arrival of extraterrestrial beings continues. But even without the assistance of the UK. 

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