Saturday, December 3

Техническая инструкция по приёму со спутника Международного телеканала на русском языке ЦТК

Satellite: EB9A
Satellite Provider: Eutelsat
Orbital Position: 9.0 degrees East
Transponder Number: 64
Downlink frequency: 11.996 GHz
Downlink Polarisation: Vertical
FEC: 3/4
Symbol rate: 27.5 Msymb/s
Modulation: QPSK
RS: 188/204
2. China star -6B:
Satellite: China star -6B
Satellite Provider: CHINADBSAT
Orbital Position: 115.5 degrees East
Transponder Number: 21S
Downlink frequency: 4115.5MHz
Downlink frequency: Horizontal
FEC: 3/4
Symbol rate: 21.374 Msymb/s
Modulation: QPSK
RS: 188/204

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