Sunday, July 16

Watch Dog, посмотрите 25 обновления(-ий) от BBC Click, Bill Gates и других пользователей

Обновления, которые вам стоит увидеть
BBC Click
Can't put in to words what you want to search for online? @LaraLewington looks at how photos can become search terms.
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Bill Gates
A great case from @tirosenberg for why we should invest in vaccines we (hopefully) will never need to use.
  Посмотрите еще 2 обновления(-ий) от Bill Gates  
An encyclopedic introduction to Taiwanese tea: #KickstarterGold
  Посмотрите еще 12 обновления(-ий) от Kickstarter  
With underwater #StreetView, "Chasing Coral" captures the beauty of coral reefs and the threats to their existence →
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It's about time for you to check out A Lie from @FrencHMonTanA ft @theweeknd & @MaxBiggavelli
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