Wednesday, August 5

Dear beneficiary

Dear beneficiary,

My name is Harold Diamond, I won three hundred and twentysix million United State dollars. My wife and I have commenced our 2015 summer Donation and Grant as we have

voluntarily decided to donate the sum of one million United State dollars to you and five(5) other families each as part of our own charity project to improve the lot

of 5 unknown lucky individuals all over the world plus family and give back to the local communities.

You can verify this by visiting the web pages below.

Your email address was luckily selected and submitted to my wife and I by the United Nations Charity Foundation and you received this email because we accepted you as

a lucky beneficiary.

Kindly contact Barrister Davido Lucas (Zenit Chambers) with Code: NYMJ6814 and also fill the below information and return via email so that he can process your funds

for disbursement.

1) Your Full Names:
2)Resident Address:
3)Telephone Number:

Good luck,

Harold Diamond.

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