Friday, October 10

[Webcast] United Nations Web TV: Live Schedule (10 October, 2014)

United Nations Web TV Live Schedule for Friday, 10 October 2014
All indicated times are New York time (GMT-4)

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10:00 AM         Press Conference: Coalition for the International Criminal Court (ICC) on ‘the Kenya Situation and Amendments to the Rome Statute'.
Speakers: Stella Ndirangu, Program Manager, International Cooperation, International Commission of Jurists-Kenya (ICJ-Kenya); Haron Ndubi, Member, Kenyans for Peace Truth with Justice (KPTJ; Abdul Noormohamed, Legal Officer, Kenya Program, Open Society Initiative for East Africa (OSIEA).  This briefing is sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Liechtenstein to the United Nations.

10:00 AM        (CR.1) 3rd Committee: 7th meeting.
1. Crime prevention and criminal justice (A/69/86, A/69/88, A/69/89, A/69/92 and A/69/94) [105]
2. International drug control (A/69/111 and A/69/87-E/2014/80) [106]
Continuation and conclusion of general discussion
Third Committee website:

10:00 AM        (TCC) 6th Committee: 6th meeting.
Rule of Law
Sixth Committee website:

10:00 AM         (CR.4) 1st Committee: 5th meeting.
General debate on all disarmament and international security agenda items.
First Committee website:

11:00 AM         (ECOSOC) General Assembly: Informal meeting of the plenary to hear briefings by Dr. David Nabarro, Special Envoy of the Secretary-General on Ebola and Mr. Anthony Banbury, Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), concerning the public health crisis emanating from the Ebola virus outbreak.

12:00 PM        (SO#2) General Assembly Media Stakeout (following the GA briefing on the Ebola outbreak)

12:00 PM        Noon Briefing

01:15 PM         (CR.8) Briefing on “The debt situation, challenges facing developing countries, and the ongoing development of a debt workout mechanism”.
Organized by the New York Office of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

01:15 PM        (CR.1) Addressing Drug Use together through a Health Based Approach as part of the International Drug Control Conventions.
High-level VNGOC Civil Society Hearing during the 68th meeting of the Third Committee, co-organised by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), and the Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs (VNGOC)

03:00 PM         (ECOSOC) Celebration of Day of the Girl Child 2014.
The Working Group on Girls, alongside Canada, Peru, and Turkey proudly present the 2nd Annual Girls Speak Out for the International Day of the Girl 2014.
This event features multi-media performances that tell girls' personal stories of tenacity, courage and strength from around the world.

03:00 PM         (CR.4) 4th Committee: 5th meeting.
1.        Requests for hearings (A/C.4/69/5)
Statements by Petitioners on: Western Sahara
2.        Agenda items 55, 56, 57, 58 and 59
General debate on all decolonization items: item 55 (A/69/23, chapters VII and XIII, A/69/69; item 56 (A/69/23, chapters V and XIII); item 57 (A/69/23, chapters VI and XIII, and A/69/66); item 58 (A/69/67), and item 59 (A/69/23 chapters VIII, IX, X, XI, XIII and A/69/189)
Fourth Committee website:

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