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№894 USA The more I know USGS, the more I like DOGS

This Online technology accurately predict earthquakes
I would be grateful if you point out the error in the technology.
Rechkabo Kakuhoningen

Dear sir,

We have a number of documents related to earthquake prediction on our website at:

For more information, please visit our Earthquake Hazards Program website at:

Although the USGS can make long-term assessments of seismic hazards that can inform building codes, we do not issue short-term earthquake predictions. There is no method for reliably forecasting the occurrence of a future large earthquake, any more accurately than predicting by random chance. We can do a good job of identifying regions of higher or lower seismic hazard and estimating how frequently large earthquakes may strike within those regions (this is the basis of our seismic hazard maps that underlie modern building codes), but we cannot say when. 


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You can write whatever you want, but technically, the precise mathematical-statistical forecast of earthquakes based on information about the behavior of wild and domestic animals, birds, fish, and individuals available from 1995, with the advent of social networking.

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