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Meaningless research institutions hard-earned tax money Nankai Trough earthquake discarding the gutter 40 years also threw a prediction

40年間ドブに捨てた血税 南海トラフ巨大地震も予測を放り投げた調査機関の無意味 - リアルライブ

To just before predicted by the method of the current huge earthquake in the Nankai Trough impossible -. Expert Group of the Cabinet Office put together, such a report.

The report pointed out, "and if an earthquake occurs without aura can be detected slip, that the earthquake does not occur even if it is also detected possible" he said. Without clearly three Tokai earthquake, east Nankai, Nankai along the Nankai Trough or even to work further, said prediction accurate and difficult, critical opinion has one after another on this.

An advisory body to the Minister of Education at the time, I was issued a report that "difficult to earthquake prediction" to "1997, but I was that there is a possibility that you can predict omen slip paid if you roll the Tokai earthquake . however, necessarily had to throw the spoon while keep fueled aura slip is not observed in the Great East Japan Earthquake, reliability has been questioned. Nankai Trough earthquake will occur on top of all that, only anxiety leftover "(science writer)

More than 40 years of research "earthquake prediction" of raising the country has begun, budget of more than 10 billion yen per year the plant is equipped with the current. However, to say the method has not changed any and old, Masaaki Kimura's Mr. Ryukyus Faculty of Science Professor Emeritus.

Way of prediction of "the country, is the technique to probe the region earthquake occurred repeatedly in the past," In what year intervals occur, earthquake the most recent because many years ago in the years after happen "that. However this In conclusion huge earthquake can not be predicted is the reason came out "

So if you "unpredictable", continue to stick to one way, and that they should adopt in earnest prediction method that changed the perception in front of it.

For example, in the case of Mr. Kimura, I have continued to appeal the perspective of true reverse.

Rather than in areas where large earthquakes have also occurred "many times, it has not happened in reverse" gaps ", yet the place has recently occurred earthquake smallish is densely dangerous. Chuetsu earthquake Great East Japan Earthquake as well, the I had been true of the examples "(same)

If you go with this prediction, the most recent dangerous that's the Izu Bonin Islands than the Nankai Trough. Earthquake prediction that do not waste your hard-earned tax money more than this is required.


PS. Rechkabo Kakuhoningen.
Accurate earthquake prediction is possible. But Japan does not need it. So said the consul in Vladivostok.

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