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IJSST: International Journal of Social Science Tomorrow

Vol.2 No.5

The CTBT, South Asia and the 1998 Indo-Pak Nuclear Tests: The Search for Remedies
The present paper entitled, "The CTBT in South Asia and the 1998 Indo-Pak Nuclear Tests: The Search for Remedies," is an attempt to understand the relevance of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in relation to the Indo-Pak nuclear tests of 1998. India.s role in the preparation and the processes before the signing of NPT, CTBT and TTBT is highlighted. A comparative study of India and in relation to CTBT is analyzed in which specific attention is given to the varying positions which India and Pakistan had been taking during the proceedings of the treaty and their overall stand is also evaluated. Moreover, a lot of emphasis is made on the causes of India.s refusal to sign the treaty.
The Upsurge of International Terrorism and America’s Anti-Terrorists Crusade
The threats of violence faced by mankind in the 21st century are many but that of international terrorism appears intractable because of its clandestine, bizarre and the unexpected manner of their operations. Terrorism is capable of paralyzing the foundations of modern governments. The activity of contemporary terrorists as non- State actors is a challenge to the sovereign States. The September 11, terrorists attacks on America clearly typifies this point. Since the tragic attacks, America along with few allies has intensified its effort to combat the menace of terrorism. America.s anti-terrorists crusade is constrained because of the ambivalence inherent in its counter terrorist policies.
Yemeni Learners' Problems in Speaking English with a High Level of International Intelligibility
The current study is a proposed investigation of certain phonological obstructions which appear in the speech of Yemeni English learners while speaking English. Researcher seeks to determine the extent of that hindrance for proposing pedagogical potentialities that enhance and strengthen the level of the learners in aspects of speaking English. These potential solutions would be suggested through developing teaching and learning procedures, particularly, in pronunciation. Consequently, the learners could triumph over the phonological segmental features in English pronunciation they cope with while learning English as a foreign language. The proposed subject of this study will be 45 undergraduate students (male & female) chosen from 1st & 4th level. These students should cover different levels: good, moderate, and low. For collecting data, a cassette recorder or a microphone will be used, in addition to interview sessions that will be held in a prepared rooms or in a lab to avoid any distraction and administered by the researcher himself.
Changing Livelihood Practices among the Malapanikkar of Malappuram: Challenges and Implications
Livelihood pattern is always in a process of transformation with varying acceleration subjected to time and space. Every simple society is associated with the livelihood pattern that had evolved out from the natural capital which involves the natural resources of the local ecosystem.Due to the external influences or internal concerns often livelihood practices are subjected to change. Especially in the forest dwelling population in the context of forest conservation these simple societies are forced to resettle from their ancestral land or otherwise constrained from using the traditional resource base. This situation of occupying an entirely different ecosystem physically or ideologically does not have the support of the natural capital assets in the pursuit of either to established livelihood.
Factors Affecting Higher Education Choices of Senior Secondary Science Students in Himachal Pradesh, India
This paper investigates the role of different factors affecting the higher education choices of science students after completion of their senior secondary education using primary data collected from 450 students of both government and private schools spread over three most literate districts of Himachal Pradesh, India. A binary logistic regression model has been employed to quantify the role of different factors in influencing the probability of students joining a particular professional course. The findings of the study reveals that the probability of a science student opting for a professional or an academic degree course was significantly affected by factors such as gender, family income, number of siblings, the type of school and the academic performance of students in the last year of schooling at senior secondary level.
Assessment of Knowledge of ICDS Women Beneficiaries in District Budgam of Kashmir Region Regarding Child Nutrition
The present study was conducted to assess the knowledge of women beneficiaries (Nursing mothers, pregnant women and mothers of child beneficiaries.( age 6months-3 years) of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) centres of district Budgam ,Kashmir. A sample of 600 women beneficiaries which included 300 nursing mothers (NMs)and pregnant women(PW) and 300 mothers of child beneficiaries(MCBs) was selected from four blocks of district Budgam. The tool used for collecting information was Interview schedule. The results of the study revealed that the respondents were not fully aware regarding importance of breast feeding. The analysis of the data revealed a significant difference (P<0.01) about initiation of breastfeeding and feeding of colostrums among the groups.
Anthropological Analysis of Girl’s Tendency to Make-up and Trimming-up: Case Study of District 15 of Tehran
Present research is titled “demographic analysis of girls tendency toward make-up and decoration " Iranian girls as an important age group , which has substantial role in consolidating Iranian family base in coming years, have been encountered with growing transformations in cultural, social and educational areas. Excess to public and international media such as internet and virtual spaces has let them to enter in to the world area. New make up methods, kinds of different clothes fashion of girls in other countries, actors and well- known ones, new patterning in the clothes and makeup have been available to them which always are not relevant with Iranian traditional and ancient culture. In recent years, in addition to girls tendency increase to makeup, we have seen decline in the make up age and girls growing tendency to make up age and girl growing tendency to makeup and decoration, regarding to official culture based on Islamic religion and religious lessons, has made this phenomena to be paid attention.

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