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TRON technology designed to predict in real time date force and epicenter. For the mathematical and statistical analysis uses a single database (DB) on the behavior of domestic birds, fish and animals, fills Internet users.

Information for processing database is provided directly to the site TRON, and users of social networks and Internet services (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo, Skype, etc.) from earthquake-prone areas. Using special API (application programming interface) applications, they can provide information on themselves as social services, and using plug-ins to other sites.

Families living in earthquake-prone areas, to adjust their plans need to be informed about the forecast occurrence of earthquakes. Also, this information will be useful to visitors from other regions such as the possibility to reduce the risk of being in the earthquake. It is possible that among municipal and state employees, a site with a probabilistic forecast of the date, the strength and future of the epicenter of the earthquake, will also cause some interest. Even at 10% the level of successful results, the use of TRON in the economic life of a cost-effective and appropriate. Humanitarian nature of such predictions financial evaluation does not lend itself at all.

JUNE 1, 2013 - 893 REPORTED

None of the scientists and officials still do not want to answer: why this technology is not working. Today, our poor family living in Russia and it is hard to do what the UN is supposed to do. But we are very sorry for the children who could be saved. And we will continue to work until TRON starts to predict earthquakes. If you can do something to help - help. How? - To do this, and God gave you brains.


  1. I fail to understand any of this but it's very interesting to learn. I think earthquake are scary and of course it would effect their behavior. Thank you!

  2. earthquake is a natural disaster that was terrible, and difficulty in prediction

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  4. i fail to understand about explain, but i'll try and nice to meet you


You can write whatever you want, but technically, the precise mathematical-statistical forecast of earthquakes based on information about the behavior of wild and domestic animals, birds, fish, and individuals available from 1995, with the advent of social networking.

THE STRUCTURE OF INPUT BIG DATA: API applications to social networks