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The landfall of Typhoon Jelawat at Hamamatsu, Japan on September 30, 2012 with winds reported at 110 mph (Wikipedia) could have generated enough new earthquake energy to put pressure on the various tectonic plates up in that region, thereby causing earthquake energy to be released at various locations inside the United States.

While Typhoon Jelawat did strike Okinawa prior to its ultimate landfall at mainland Japan, I am not convinced that such landfalls at small islands would contribute too much additional earthquake energy to this alert and will not include any discussion about that situation which may also send earthquake energy towards our West Coast, but since there was not nearly the loss of wind speed there which equals not a lot of earthquake energy to speak of let us move on.

Upon close examination of the direction Typhoon Jelawat was traveling across the shores of Japan on its landfall, I observed the direction to be significantly farther to the north than on one occasion from 2011 where a similar landfall of Typhoon Roke sent earthquake energy DIRECTLY to Coos Bay, Oregon. The additional northerly direction when checked with my globe and straight line tool confirmed that this new earthquake energy will be traveling on a similar line to that of Typhoon Roke/Coos Bay, but curving further north on a line that intersects Fairbanks, Alaska, Edmonton, Canada, Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and Jamaica.

In the basic sense those regions are also the areas that I will now expect it is possible will receive portions of this new earthquake energy. More over, one of those places could or possible will receive the total amount of earthquake energy which is traveling along this line and threatening to be the cause of a major earthquake in the coming days.

As of this writing tomorrow, Monday October 15, 2012 will be the New Moon and while I have incorporated the Full Moon in some of these writings of more recent years, I have recently heard somewhere that if the full moon had any effect at all on earthquakes, then the New Moon should have the exact same effect. Therefore I will be watching specifically October 15, 2012 for earthquakes along this straight line, although I want to make sure it is clear this is not the reason for this writing. Likewise the Full Moon will occur on October 29, 2012 and by that date which will be about 30 days after the landfall of Typhoon Jelawat, it is possible that this earthquake energy could very easily reach the New Madrid, Missouri region and so I want to mention here that the date of the October 2012 full moon or October 29, 2012 does have a higher chance of being the date of the major earthquake resulting from this new earthquake energy. That release of major earthquake energy could be Jamaica as well since that is about the farthest extent that I have looked out ahead of this straight line. Guyana, French Guiana, and Suriname have been mentioned in my blog with regards to other sources of earthquake energy, but I did not track that far ahead and it is beyond NEPEC’s jurisdiction, and so I do not want to name it, but it is out there in front of this present line and beyond Jamaica. It was also very near a recent smaller 4.9 Magnitude earthquake in the last several days prior to this writing.

I mentioned in todays EQ Blog/EQ Alert that this earthquake energy will cross Alaska up in the region just north of the Denali Fault and want to add here that the line will be very near Fairbanks, Alaska but I’m thinking that any movement along that fault line would have to be slip fault movement and that fault line is a thrust fault and while this sort of motion does happen, I do not expect the Denali Fault to become a major earthquake as this new earthquake energy passes through that region. Then again I am not a seismologist and am not real familiar with Alaska much less the region around Fairbanks or the Denali Fault.

Continuing on to the name Edmonton, Canada on the list and I must say that I have no reason to believe that Edmonton will get too much shaking as a result of this earthquake energy, either, although the Yukon region does get an occasional earthquake and I suppose they could get some of this 5 to 7 Richters shaking, but it would have to be very close to my straight line and big earthquakes up along that line seem too rare to assert that one could have a chance for something such as that. Perhaps just a smaller series of 3 to 5 Richters range shakers as this earthquake energy passes along its way.

I was initially flabbergasted when I spotted the next place along this line while I actually still even had my straight line tool wrapped around my globe! The New Madrid Region of Southeast Missouri was next along this line! More specifically Poplar Bluff, Missouri was very near this line and when checking I found a fairly active region of this New Madrid Area. There have been a few medium sized earthquakes in the 3 to 5 Richters range all up in that Poplar Bluff neighborhood that I intend to take a drive down there and look into next week. While 5 is about as big as these earthquakes get, the overall region of New Madrid does have a shaky enough history that a 7 Richters Magnitude earthquake some day would not be out of the question. Whether this new earthquake energy comes to 7 Richters all totaled when originating from the landfall of a typhoon with 110 mph wind speeds, will remain to be seen. 110 mph may not have been high enough wind speeds and it was said that Typhoon Jelawat had weakened before its landfall at the mainland of Japan, although that may have been weakened to 110.

This week there was a smaller earthquake at Jonestown, Mississippi that struck at a 2.3 Richters 4 miles West Northwest of that town. I have to note there that the U.S. Geological Survey is changing their Earthquake Notification pages all around and it appears the new pages will no longer be showing the “Historic Seismicity” section among other changes and so therefore I am most unfortunately not able to comment here as to whether that 2.3 Richters shaker is at all unusual. I will say that it is and that it could even be rare enough that it helps prove this earthquake energy IS traveling along that line exactly as I have been stating and will continue to follow. The new USGS pages also do not seem to have the old conversion tables for “Time In Other Time Zones” that I have relied heavily on over the years in order to calculate exactly what time earthquakes strike in relation to other parts of the world. Rather the new “Earthquake Summary” pages seem to have some kind of time stamp that repeats UTC three times even though it is giving three separate different times and none of them seem to be the old “Time At The Epicenter.” Yes, another change intended to make all of our lives so much simpler. . . but I did manage to find the old “Responses” page and have been able at least once to see where some earthquakes were felt at. Just waiting for USGS to make good on their warning to “Phase Out” or “No Longer Maintain” all of the old pages I have long relied on to do my work including the now famous “Latest Earthquakes In The World-Past 7 Days.” That page will be missed:(

While I was composing todays Official Prediction and going back and forth to check various facts herein, one of the places I have been referring to has been that Latest Earthquakes page. Just now, and coincidentally my final discussion today, there was a 4.4 Dominican Republic earthquake, and 2 at Yellowstone also by the way, now 3. I want to close today by saying that Puerto Rico Earthquakes, Jamaica Earthquakes, Haiti Earthquakes, and Dominican Republic Earthquakes seem to be common enough that I do not feel the need to spend a lot of time saying a major earthquake such as Jamaica could easily become the Major Earthquake that will be the conclusion of this new earthquake energy episode. It is even somewhat of a shock to me that all of those are shaking right this moment as I compose the final paragraphs of this Official Prediction! I have to make the assertion that those are foreshocks occurring exactly along the straight line that I described earlier in this writing and the foreshocks along that line will be continuing through tomorrow the new moon and on, and on until ALL of this new earthquake energy which was generated by the landfall of Typhoon Jelawat at Japan on September 30, 2012. This upcoming major earthquake will be between 5 and 7 Richters and should not be too much larger than that with the only exception being earthquakes under the water tend to come out about a Richter higher, but one Richter higher than 6 is still 7 anyways, so on that thought I will go, maybe as high as 7.5 Richters for something off shore at Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, or Dominican Republic. There is still the chance the earthquake energy could reach Suriname, French Guiana, Guyana, or Venezuela, too, but that is far out of the jurisdiction of NEPEC and so I will conclude the discussion right there. The alert for this earthquake will now run through November 12, 2012.

Thank-You Again for taking the time to read all of my earthquake writing, and while I have now had at least a few fairly good submissions to the councils and a complete write-up of my best Official Predictions and how that helps to enhance the good standing of todays Official Prediction will not be needed. I merely enjoy submitting these writings to the councils on an as needed basis for the purpose of referencing them as needed at a later date such as one would do with submissions to the U.S. Copyright Office or Trademark Office you know. Between my CEPEC/NEPEC filings, various news stories I’m always working on, and now several earthquake books I have completed, I hope to someday soon see my “Precision Plate Tectonics Theory” become closer to accepted science with the hope of it someday becoming “Browns Law of Precision Plate Tectonics.” Thank-You Again for reading!

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