Tuesday, August 28

Earthquake Prediction: Technology To Warn Of The Next Big Quake In Advance

Dr. Lucy Jones joined HuffPost Live and HuffPost Science Senior Correspondent Cara Santa Maria today to give the inside scoop on the new earthquake warning technology out of USGS.
Jones revealed that USGS could eventually let people know to duck and cover beforethe ground beneath their feet starts shaking. "We've reached the point where we can process things so quickly that we have the potential of getting you the information that an earthquake's begun before the waves themselves get to you," said Dr. Jones.
Dr. Jones demonstrated an earthquake early warning system that can give precious seconds of warning before an earthquake reaches you. But the system isn't in place for actual use yet, so Dr. Jones and I got down on the floor to demonstrate what to do in case of an earthquake.
We were also joined by Phil Burns of The American Preppers Network who is prepping for the next big earthquake.

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