Saturday, March 5

The predict earthquakes are just part of our work.

The predict earthquakes are just part of our work. These are things that are real, though they may at first glance appear to be anything but. It can be tempting to assume that “improbable” implies more than that—implies bad or good, worthless or valuable, trivial or important. Something can be bad in some respects and good in others. Improbable is, simply, what you don't expect. We can also predict tsunamis and volcanic explosions.
PS. Back in 2008, the «Laboratory earthquake warning» Israeli has officially proven that animals can predict earthquakes. Now it remains to prove that the purpose of science is to help people, not the payment of salaries to scientists.

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You can write whatever you want, but technically, the precise mathematical-statistical forecast of earthquakes based on information about the behavior of wild and domestic animals, birds, fish, and individuals available from 1995, with the advent of social networking.

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