Friday, December 17

Earthquake Japan Sea. The forecast for the next day. Free adult. Russian Island

Earthquake Japan Sea. The forecast for the next day. Free adult. 

Russian Island


Your region is not here? Why?

The American company Yahoo has refused the company of free grant their social services for earthquake prediction in Japan and China. The use of social services, Yahoo, would allow us to significantly improve the prediction algorithm of accidents and determine not only time but also the strength and epicenter of future earthquakes. It is unfortunate that Yahoo executives have refused to cooperate, because the problem of earthquake prediction in Japan and China is very serious. I believe that investments in Yahoo, our partnership could not only bring great dividends to them, but also save lives.

YAHOO companies say what you think about them

Technically and financially you are giants, but morally - Pygmies

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You can write whatever you want, but technically, the precise mathematical-statistical forecast of earthquakes based on information about the behavior of wild and domestic animals, birds, fish, and individuals available from 1995, with the advent of social networking.

THE STRUCTURE OF INPUT BIG DATA: API applications to social networks